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Kenshin Cosplayers
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About Bringing Kenshin cosplayers together in one place at LJ! Join and share your costume, experience with other Kenshin cosplayers, whatever! :D
Simple and easy.

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1: You might be sick of hearing this one, but treat people the way you want to be treated. If not, I will ban you from the community.
2: Kenshin and Samurai X chat only, anything about SailorMoon and it will be deleted.
3: Pictures are allowed(Rurounin Kenshin cosplay and Samurai X), from Cosplay.com, Cosplaylab, etc etc etc..
4: YES, Pantie shots are allowed also! Haha *had to add that little thing in* If you can FIND a way to take a pantie shot, that is. XD!
5: If you start trouble or talk bad about someone, you will get a warning. Second time and you're out for good.
6: Talking about Conventions AND other costumes for that convention ARE allowed. But, there has to be atleast one Kenshin costume in there ^.~

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Conclusion Any Suggestions are welcome! Your lovely mods are misaokitty (Owner) and yogiri so contact us if you need to. <3